Ticket Sales Strong

28 March 2013
Slovenia Fans at EuroBasket 2009
Fans have been quick to snap up tickets to EuroBasket 2013

Ticket sales to EuroBasket 2013 have begun strongly with nearly half of the tickets to the games which are on sale already being snapped up.

Tickets sales to the final and second semi-final have been particularly strong with over half of all tickets already sold whilst the sales of tickets to the quarter-finals and second semi also remain strong.

Already, online sales to the gold medal game have been exhausted, with the only remaining tickets available to the pinnacle game of the tournament available at Petrol stations throughout Slovenia.

EuroBasket 2013 director, Ales Kriznar, has been impressed with the strength of the sales to date, considering the first tickets only went on sale on 18 March, whilst the quarter-final and classification games for 5th to 8th place tickets became available on 25 March.

"The importance of EuroBasket is shown also at the tickets sales where we have sold the majority of the tickets for the final," says Kriznar, adding, "we advise all basketball fans to get tickets as soon as possible so they will not miss out."

The tickets can be purchased online from


26.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013
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26.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013
26.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013
26.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013

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