Blazek Decides Final Round Czech List

09 June 2013
Lubor Blazek
Lubor Blazek has come up with his final roster for EuroBasket Women 2013

Czech Republic play-caller Lubor Blazek has selected his final twelve players ahead of the start of EuroBasket Women next weekend.

Preparing for his fourth major tournament as head coach of the national team, Blazek has thrown a surprise by omitting Lenka Bartakova, who participated at the London Olympics last year as the Czechs reached the quarter-finals.

But, with veteran Veronika Bortelova back on board to orchestrate affairs at the point guard position, the coach explained that there was simply no space for the 22-year-old Bartakova when it came to the final shake-up.

"We have decided to go with two playmakers, along with five wings, four pivots and also [Jana] Vesela who can play at either the three or four," said Blazek.

"Currently I am convinced that Veronika Bortelová gives very good performances and [Katarina] Bartoňová same.

"At that moment when we decided that we were not going to three [point guards], the cards were dealt.

"We are now beginning a bet on two playmakers and feel confidence, since there are also wing players that are able to alternate in this position."

The other player to miss out was Katerina Krizova, who came close to Olympic selection but has again missed out - although this time poor luck contributed as she has been suffering with illness.

On the flip-side, there will be two players who will make their tournament debuts in Katerina Hindrakova and 1994 born talent Tereza Vyoralova.

The full roster is as follows: Veronika Bortelová (DSK Basketball), Kateřina Bartoňová (Cadi la Seu), Kateřina Elhotová (ZVVZ USK Prague), Michaela Zrustová (ZVVZ USK Prague), Tereza Pecková (IMOS Brno), Romana Hejdová (IMOS Brno), Jana Veselá (Antakya), Kateřina Hindráková (Trutnov), Tereza Vyoralová (VŠ Prague), Ilona Burgrová (ZVVZ USK Prague), Petra Kulichová (Good Angels Košice), Alena Hanušová (IMOS Brno),

Czech Republic face Belarus on Saturday in their Group D opener in Trelaze.


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