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06 May 2013
Volunteers at the Adecco Ex-YU Cup 2011 in Slovenia
Volunteers are a key part of any major sports event

More than 2,500 volunteers from 41 countries have applied to work at EuroBasket 2013 in Slovenia from 4-22 September.

Like in every other sports event, volunteering is a key aspect for a successful organisation and it shows that Slovenians are more than ready to represent their country and welcome all visitors to the biggest sporting event in the country since its independence.

More than 1,900 of all applicants are Slovenian, showing the desire to take part in the big basketball celebration.

The biggest number of foreign applicants are coming from previous EuroBasket hosts Lithuania, carrying over valuable experience to the next edition of the event.

Slovenia's neighbour Italy, as well as Poland and Turkey - who also recently hosted basketball tournaments - are next in line.

The oldest of the applicants is 77 whilst the youngest will only turn 18 four days prior to EuroBasket, thus fulfilling the minimum age requirement for volunteers.

Basketball is a sport for both genders, also displayed in the number of volunteers. Nearly half of the applicants are female.

The most popular sectors of volunteering proved to be team and media related jobs, as well as jobs located around the playing court and info points.

All applicants will take part in a practice seminar in the end of spring.

During preparation games of the Slovenian national team later in summer, the approximate 1,000 applicants who get chosen will be tested and get an opportunity to try out their fields of responsibility ahead of September.



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