EuroBasket Art Takes Over Celje

10 April 2013
Members of the EuroBasket 2013 delegation
Members of the EuroBasket 2013 delegation met with fans in Milan over the weekend as well as Italian legend Dino Meneghin (third from left)

As tradition dictates, on 11 April - a public holiday in the Celje Municipality - the city of Celje is transformed into a giant outdoor gallery. This year's theme will be EuroBasket 2013.

The 17th installation of the annual show will see the city decorated with 31 street paintings made by students of the city, from pre-schoolers through to high school students. The show will offer a unique perspective of this summer's event - as seen through the eyes of Celje's youth.

More than 4,000 young artists and 640 mentors were involved in producing the 31 artworks.

EuroBasket Promoted in Milan

On Sunday afternoon, representatives of Spirit Slovenia - a branch of the Slovenian Tourism Board - were in Milan, Italy, promoting Slovenia, and additionally, EuroBasket 2013.

The promotion took place during the Milan marathon - an event with a participation level in the thousands, with a basketball court set up close to Milan's main attraction, the Duomo.

The event was about spectator participation with prizes on offer for eager spectators, who were also entertained by the Dunking Devils acrobatic group.

Former Italian star and former Italian Federation president, Dino Meneghin, was present at the event, speaking fondly of the Slovenian people and the up-and-coming event.

"EuroBasket is an exceptional opportunity for promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination. In Italy, there is a lot of interest in the tournament, which was especially evident at the presentation in Milan," said Gorazd Skrt, president of the local Milan branch of Spirit Slovenia, importantly adding, "The best thing for Italian fans, is that they will play the first round games in Koper, which is near the Italian border."


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26.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013
26.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013
26.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013

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