Interactive EuroBasket Magazine Out Now

06 May 2013
EuroBasket 2013 Magazine comes in English and Slovenian

All basketball fans who are eagerly waiting for EuroBasket 2013 to start, now have an opportunity to make their wait easier with the brand new EuroBasket 2013 Magazine.

The digital and interactive magazine will be available in both English and Slovenian and offers 38 pages full of stories about past and present EuroBaskets, Slovenia and more for everybody interested in the competition.

In the first edition, the authors have not only collected European basketball news and put together useful information about the cities, but also examined the top young players from Group A.

You can also find out about DJ Umek, who once was a promising basketball talent and now is among the world elite DJs.

Thanks to the interactive format, games are waiting for those who are chasing EuroBasket 2013 related prizes.

Of course the mascot of EuroBasket 2013, Lipko cannot go missing.

From now on, a new version of the magazine will be released every month up to the tip-off of EuroBasket on 4 September.

With EuroBasket being a "green championship", it was clear that the magazine would not go to print but be available in a digital format.

As a positive side-effect it can reach far more readers, since it can easily be spread around Europe and the World.

The EuroBasket 2013 Magazine also marks the first time an interactive sports magazine has been published in Slovenia.


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