LOC Release Official EuroBasket Video

03 July 2013


In co-operation with the EuroBasket Local Organising Committee (LOC), Zadrga agency, Bazarmedia 2.1 production group and director Slobodan Maksimović; the official EuroBasket 2013 anthem video "In the Beat of Basketball", which is performed by Zoran Predin and CoverLover has been created.

The core of the video are Slovenian fans who were the prize winners of the "I Feel Basketball" competition. The prize was to be part of "Fan Day" and have the opportunity to find out how it feels to be a Slovenian national team member. They met the Slovenian national team coaching staff, headed by Božidar Maljković; spent time with Jaka Blažič and Edo Murić; analysed the game footage of an upcoming opponent and the tactics of their coaching staff; were taken for a physical training; and also played a game amongst themselves, during which a large group of volunteers surprised them by taking on the role of fans.

The EuroBasket 2013 LOC wanted to emphasise the role that Slovenian fans play in the success of the team and show that they have a special status in Slovenia. To be a fan in Slovenia will be a special experience for all the foreign visitors too. The message of the video is oriented for the coming months and the euphoria before the biggest sporting event in the history of independent Slovenia. The video was presented for the first time an evening before Slovenian Independence Day, on 25th June.

The video was filmed in three locations - Plaza Hotel, the legendary Ježica Hall and at Ljubljanica River - in the heart of Ljubljana, a host city for the entirety of EuroBasket.




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