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05 November 2012
France fans
France fans can't wait until their team takes the floor in Trelaze on 15 June 2013

The competition schedule for EuroBasket Women 2013 was announced by FIBA Europe and the EuroBasket Women Local Organising Committee on Monday.

EuroBasket Women 2013 will take place from 15 to 30 June 2013 in the French cities of Lille, Mouilleron-le-Captif (Vendespace Arena), Orchies, Trelaze and Vannes.

Taking into account the interests of all stake holders of the event, as well as incorporating a balanced schedule for all participants, the games are scheduled for two afternoon and two evening sessions in each First Round venue.

Fans now know the exact playing times of their teams in the First Round of the competition.

In the following rounds the schedule may be subject to changes, if requested by the broadcasting TV stations of the EuroBasket Women 2013.

Game action in Vannes will start with the match-up between Montenegro and the Slovak Republic on 15 June at 12:30 while the last game of the day is reserved for the defending champions Russia, who take on Spain.

In Trelaze, Serbia open against Great Britain, while the home fans will be waiting for the last game of the day at 21:00 between hosts France and Latvia.

The top three teams of Groups A and B will travel from Vannes to Lille on 18 June to meet in Group E while the three best teams in Group C and D move to Vendespace Arena in Mouilleron-le-Captif for Group F action.

The top four teams of both Second Round groups will meet for the Quarter-Finals in Orchies on 26 June.

Orchies will then see all remaining games up to the Final on 30 June at 20:00.

You can see the full schedule of EuroBasket Women 2013 here

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