Power Rankings: 2nd Edition

13 February 2013

Every second week leading up to EuroBasket Women 2013,'s undercover expert ranks the 16 teams headed for France.  The 2nd edition of the rankings sees a change of guard at the top spot.

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Russia have a total of five teams still playing in Europe at this stage, making sure the national team players stay in shape.





Losing 2009 Champion and Olympic silver medalist Elodie Godin is a blow for coach Pierre Vincent, making his tough front court a little less impressive.





Nevriye Yilmaz has still not returned to EuroLeague Women action and Galatasaray looked far from perfect in the recent loss to Ekaterinburg. However, Gala and Fenerbahce are heading into the EuroLeague Women play-offs as two of the favourites.



Spanish players are looking sharp all over the place, like Cristina Ouvina for Wisla or Silvia Dominguez in Ekaterinburg. On top of that, the resurgence of Avenida is worth a jump in the rankings.





They may still not be where they want to be, but Prague scraping their way into the post-season of EuroLeague Women at least gives some Czech starters a chance to play themselves into shape.



No major blows have occurred for Croatia, but with Spain and the Czech Republic improving and Novi Zagreb's EuroLeague Women season over, the slip comes somewhat naturally.





Montenegro have their main players in the EuroLeague Women post-season. Questions remain whether this is only positive given their relatively short bench and the age of some protagonists.



With Ruzomberok in good form, big parts of the national team are profiting. Top rebounder Anna Jurcenkova had a mixed season in Brno and will miss out on the post-season of EuroLeague Women.



No news on potential absences for the summer, but the week 14 MVP award of Anastasiya Verameyenka in the EuroLeague Women is worth climbing one spot in the ranking.





Schio have not been able to keep their good form up recently. Having Laura Macchi back in action and the forward producing almost immediately makes things less worrying for the Italians.





Giedre Paugaite has to digest the last-minute exit of USO Mondeville from the EuroLegaue Women. In Italy, Kamile Nacickaite and Gintare Petronyte are enjoying good seasons to keep things in balance for the Baltic side.



Frida Eldebrink's twin sister Elin is teaming up with Louice Halvarsson and the duo is putting up decent numbers in the Italian league. However, it does not translate to team success so far. Having two main players playing together is a plus though.





It has been quite a week for Ukrainian basketball with Alina Iagupova harvesting the FIBA Europe Young Women's Player of the Year award. Together with the productive EuroLeague Women season of Olesia Malashenko, things appear in a brighter light.





Jelena Milovanovic has really shined for UE Sopron and Sara Krnjic has made good use of her additional minutes. Missing out on the play-offs in the EuroLeague Women is a tough reality though and can only partly be made up by Ivanka Matic advancing with Targoviste.





Despite all possible absences, other Latvian national team players are also struggling in the likes of Sabine Niedola and Liene Jansone. Aija Putnina and Kristine Karklina are notable exceptions.





Great Britain secured their funding. Now they need to present a new coach and a strategy to be able to get ahead in the rankings.




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