Humble Kaimakoglou Claims Weekly Greece Award

03 November 2010

It hasn't taken long for Kostas Kaimakoglou to make an impact at new club Panathinaikos.

The Greece international, who joined Pana from Maroussi in the summer, was voted Player of the Week in Greece after leading his club to victory over Ilysiakos.

He had 15 points, 16 rebounds, five assists, a block and a steal in the 81-62 triumph.

"It is something very positive for me and very important, although to be honest I did not expect the whole year to get such an individual award for me," Kaimakoglou said.

"I am very pleased and what pleases me most is that the team improves each day and wins games.

"This is the most important thing.

"The fact that I had a personal distinction does not mean that I did everything myself. They helped, my teammates and my coaches, and I want to thank them."

Kaimakoglou is being utilized as a small and power forward this season under coach Zeljko Obradovic.

Sixteen rebounds was an impressive tally.

"I think when I play in the three position (small forward), it's much easier for me," he said.

"Perhaps I go more vigorously (to the boards) coming from the outside to the basket and no other opponent to push."

There are so many good players at Panathinaikos that Kaimakoglou accepts he may not always play as much as he did against Ilysiakos.

He was on the floor for more than 26 minutes.

"Everyone must be ready to play from one to 40 minutes, helping the team to do what the coach asks and I think this is the most important to help the team," he said.

"It's what I do, or try to do, whether I play five or 10 or 20 minutes.

"As long as I'm on the court, I want to give everything to help the team."

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