Day Six Scenarios

25 July 2012

By Jared Grellet

Yevgen Balaban (Ukraine)
There is still hope for Yevgen Balaban and Ukraine to advance to the quarter-finals

Coming into the final day of round two at the Dadu U16 European Championship Men, four quarter-final berths still remain up for grabs.

With each team set to play their final second round game on Wednesday, only five of the 12 teams already know their fate.

In Group E, Italy and Turkey are already through to the final eight and Latvia have no chance of advancing; whilst in Group F, Germany and Serbia have their places in the last eight confirmed.

In Group E, Spain, Croatia and Ukraine are left to fight for the remaining two spots. Spain can claim one of the two spots automatically by beating the previously undefeated Italy.

Should Spain lose and Ukraine beat Croatia; Spain, Ukraine and Croatia will be left in a three-way tie. In this scenario Spain miss out on account of their goal average in games against the other two teams.

If Croatia defeat Ukraine, then they will advance regardless of any other other results, whilst if Ukraine lose, there is no way they can advance.

In Group F, France, Poland, Greece and Lithuania all remain a chance of picking up the two remaining quarter-final spots going.

To begin with, for the loser of the game between Lithuania and Greece, the tournament is over.

The winners of this game also need other games to go in their favour.

If Lithuania and France win but Poland loses, then Poland and France advance to the next round at the expense of Lithuania, who have lost the tie-breaker to Poland.

If Poland and Lithuania win but France lose, then Lithuania and Poland advance at the expense of France.

If Lithuania win but France and Poland lose then Lithuania and France advance.

If Greece win, they need Poland to lose in order to advance, since no matter how France play, they will then hold the better goal average in a potential head-to-head with Poland and a three-team-tie with Poland and France.


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