Half-Court Press: Pierfrancesco Oliva


by Jared Grellet

Pierfrancesco Oliva (Italy)
Likes American Pie and would cook spaghetti for his coach: Pierfrancesco Oliva of Italy

Moments after scoring a game-high 27-point, 13-rebound double-double to lead Italy to a 77-63 win over defending champions, Croatia, Pierfrancesco Oliva was only too happy to take on's half-court press. What's your first basketball memory?
Pierfrancesco Oliva: I remember my first game. My dream was to play in a European Championship and now I have done it. Why did you want to become a basketball player?
It was my dream that began when I was four years old. My dad was a basketball player and I take a lot from him. I am dreaming. Who is the most mature of your teammates and who is the most... childish?
We are all concentrating and we have no clowns. Which is the best basketball game you've ever played in or watched?
The most emotional game was this and what I am feeling right now. There's only 2 seconds left on the shot-clock, do you pass the ball or shoot?
It depends on the situation. Who is the best European player you've seen?
Jonas Valanciunas. What's the latest film you watched and would you recommend it?
American Pie 6. I have seen them all. Do you know how to cook and what would you cook for your coach if he ate
dinner at your house?

I cook sometimes with my mum. If the coach came for dinner I would cook him a big dish of spaghetti with meat.


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