Half-Court Press: Elie Fedensieu

28 July 2012
5. Elie Fédensieu (France)
Wants to be an olympic athlete one day: Elie Fédensieu

Battling injuries just to make it to Lithuania, Elie Fedensieu has not only made it here but has now also captained his team to the gold medal game. managed to catch up with the 2.01 meter center moments after his team's semi-final victory over Italy for another half-court press. What's your first basketball memory?
Elie Fedensieu: My first basketball memory is as a 13-year-old when my team finished as vice-champion of the national championship. Why do you want to become a basketball player?
First of all because I love the sport and also because it is a way to gain recognition from the world. Who is the most mature of your teammates and who is the most... childish?
When we are on the court we must all be serious together and we must have fun together. Of course there are guys like [Ywen] Smock and [Salem] Mana who are very funny off the court but on the court everyone is serious. What is your most ambitious basketball-related goal?
Like any sportsman, it is to win an Olympic medal. It is the top of the top. There's only 2 seconds left in the you shoot or pass?
As long as the team is winning I hold the ball and do nothing! Who is the best European player you've seen?
Dirk Nowitski. Because of my build I am most likely to play like him. Do you know how to cook and what would you cook for your coach if he ate
dinner at your house?

I would cook some nice French food from my region.


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