FIBA Europe, FIBA and Euroleague Basketball Adopt Unified Statistics Manual

20 January 2009

FIBA Europe, FIBA and Euroleague Basketball are proud to announce the completion of a unified statistical criteria for basketball competitions.

All three organisations have been working together from the beginning of 2008 to update the existing Statistics Manual to help improve the sport of basketball worldwide.

Due to the increasing importance of statistics for all of the different bodies that take part in basketball, such as teams, media and fans, the three organisations agreed that a common consensus was the best path for consistent statistics and a consistent image for basketball competitions around the world.

Following several months of work between FIBA Europe, FIBA and Euroleague Basketball representatives the document has been finalised and immediately adopted. It is hoped that complete implementation by all professional leagues and federations will be reached over the coming months.

The Basketball Statistician's Manual can be downloaded from the FIBA Europe official website at:

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