FIBA Europe Board Meets in Budapest, Hungary

14 March 2005

The FIBA Europe Board met in Budapest, Hungary this weekend for its 9th meeting of the 2002 – 2006 term of office.

As well as the 25 Board members, the meeting was attended by FIBA Secretary General Mr. Patrick Baumann and FIBA Secretary General Emeritus Mr. Borislav Stankovic.

Women’s Basketball

The promotion and development of women’s basketball was a key topic on the agenda. Czech Basketball Federation representative Mr. Jiri Zednicek presented a study on the popularity of women’s basketball in certain areas of Europe and Women’s Commission President, Mr. Alexander Boshkov, reported on plans to stage a Year of Women’s Basketball in 2006. The project would see a sustained programme of promotional activities for women’s basketball over the course of the year, culminating in the 2007 Eurobasket Women in Italy.

Relations with ULEB

FIBA Europe Executive Director Mr. Nar Zanolin informed the Board of the latest FIBA Europe-ULEB meeting with regards to the 2005/2006 club competition season. Many issues have been discussed and resolved, including the organisation of a FIBA Europe refresher clinic for ULEB referees. 

Mr. Zanolin expressed his confidence in the continued meetings, but also advised that there are still some outstanding topics for discussion before all 2005/2006 competitions are finalised.

Small Countries

The Board approved the establishment of a Permanent Commission for Small Countries. Until now, Promotion Cup Commissioner Mr. John Goncalves was responsible for overseeing small country affairs. The new Commission will be composed of 5 members who will meet on a regular basis, as with all other FIBA Europe Commissions.

Youth Basketball

The Board approved the proposal from the Youth Commission that young players will only be permitted to play in a maximum of 2 European Championships per year.

“Although we didn’t have as many pressing issues to discuss as in previous months, I’m very happy with how this meeting went,” said FIBA Europe President Mr. George Vassilakopoulos.

“The reduced agenda allowed us to concentrate on topics such as women’s and youth basketball, where I think we are making good progress.”

“I’m also grateful to Mr. Baumann and Mr. Stankovic for their presence and information they gave on their meetings with the NBA to discuss player transfers and the WNBA season. Their work with the World Legal Commission on a licensing system for player agents was particularly good news.

“The decision to create the Permanent Commission for Small Countries is also a step forward. There are a record number of countries who have registered for Promotion Cups this year, including Monaco who will participate in FIBA Europe competition for the first time ever. In addition, San Marino have registered youth teams for Promotion Cup play, also a first. We hope that the new Commission will help John Goncalves in the excellent work he has been doing with our smallest federations."



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