Referee Clinic In Baku A Great Success

08 November 2012

Referee Instructor Davorin Nakic with FIBA Referee Alakbar Hasanov at the Referee Clinic in Baku
FIBA Referee Alakbar Hasanov and Referee Instructor Davorin Nakic during a lecture at the Referee Clinic in Baku

Being held across Europe for years, the FIBA Europe Referee Clinics have become an important date in a referee's calendar.

At the last weekend, they broke into new areas, as for the first time a clinic was held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The three-day clinic was organised by the Azerbaijan Basketball Federation and FIBA Europe, taking place from 02-04 November.

FIBA Europe was represented by Referee Instructor Davorin Nakic, who left Baku with a lasting impression.

"It was our first clinic in Azerbaijan, and I am very happy with it," he stated.

"The participants showed great interest, being very active in the discussions."

Among the 30 participants were referees, commissioners and coaches, and lectures were given in the classroom as well as in the gym.

With some of the participants being teenagers, Nakic put the focus on basics like mechanics and communication.

"The young referees had the opportunity to officiate games and get immediate feedback, as their performance was videotaped and analysed afterwards with the observer software," he said.

"I was impressed with the learning curve; improvements were already visible on the next day."

The lectures proved to not only be helpful for the youngster, but also gave a good opportunity to the established first division referees to refresh their knowledge.

In lively discussions, the participants talked over trends in European basketball and modern officiating.

As the clinic concluded, both the organisers and the participants had reason to be content, with the chances being good the premiere will get a sequel.

"The motivation was very high and the wish is definitely there by the Azerbaijan Basketball Federation to organise such clinics on a regular basis," Nakic concluded.

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