MSC European Basketball Coaching Science

Kestutis Kemzura
Kestutis Kemzura and other Lithuanian coaches are among the best in the world. MSC students can profit from Lithuanian coaching education

This MSC enables current practitioners to enhance their conceptual and theoretical understanding in the field of Basketball Coaching Science.

The 2-year course is based on the innovative approach that involves teaching in both Worcester Universities in Great Britain and Lithuania.

Lectures and seminars strategically take place at the mid-point and end of the playing season, whilst online classes and tutorials are available throughout the year.

The course will be of interest for:
Students, basketball coaches, players, coach educators and anyone who has an interest in developing the game/players/teams.

Practical skills in a range of scientific disciplines will be further developed in order to enhance the coaching process. The graduate will be able to reflect critically contemporary principles and practices in basketball coaching.

The course offers an exchange of basketball practice methods that exist throughout Europe and provides students fundamental theoretical knowledge and research skills.

A range of different learning methods and activities will be applied, focussing on the students' commitment and the development of independent learning skills.
This includes: Lectures, practical sessions, small group discussions, debates, tutorials, individual research, supplementary reading and distance learning.

Learning will be structured around small group seminars led by tutors who will introduce a high quantity of advanced and applied material.

The sessions will inspire students to participate and to share knowledge and experiences. The students will be encouraged to develop critical, reflective and analytical skills in an environment of open debates and discussions.

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