FIBA Europe Board Meets In Tallinn

27 November 2004

The Board of FIBA Europe met today in Tallinn, Estonia for its 8th meeting in the 2002-2006 term of office.

2005 Youth Calendar

The Board approved the venues and dates for the 12 European Youth Championships which will be held in 2005. The competitions will be held as follows:

Competition Date Venue
European Champ U20 Men 8-17 July 2005 Russia
European Champ U20 Men - Div B 8-17 July 2005 Varna, Bulgaria
European Champ U20 Women 1-10 July 2005 Brno, Czech Republic
European Champ U20 Women - Div B 1-6 July 2005 Druskininkai, Lithuania
European Champ U18 Men 15-24 July 2005 Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro
European Champ U18 Men - Div B 15-24 July 2005 Kosice, Slovak Republic
European Champ U18 Women 5-14 August 2005 Sopron, Hungary
European Champ U18 Women - Div B 5-14 August 2005 Brcko, Bosnia & Herzegovina
European Champ U16 Boys 29 July - 7 August 2005 Spain
European Champ U16 Boys - Div B 29 July - 7 August 2005 TBD
European Champ U16 Girls 22-31 July 2005 Poznan, Poland
European Champ U16 Girls - Div B 22-31 July 2005 Tallinn, Estonia

The draw for each of the above competitions will take place in January 2005 in one venue. The exact date and venue will be decided and announced before Christmas

FIBA Europe and ULEB

President Mr. George Vassilakopoulos gave the Board a detailed report of all meetings between FIBA Europe and ULEB and the final agreement.

The Board pledged its full support for the agreement and its positive implications for basketball in Europe.

2005 European Championships for Men and Women

The Board approved the draw dates and seeding for the 2005 European Championships for Men and Women

European Championship for Men – 15-25 September 2005 in Belgrade, Vrsac, Podgorica, and Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro
Draw – 15th January 2005 in Belgrade
Seeding (All seedings are made based on the last official competitions played by each participating team)

Seed 1 Italy Lithuania Greece Spain
Seed 2 Serbia & Montenegro Turkey Germany


Seed 3 Croatia Latvia Slovenia Russia
Seed 4 Bosnia & Herzegovina Bulgaria Ukraine Qualifier

European Championship for Women - 2-11 September 2005 in Ankara, Bursa and Izmir, Turkey
Draw – 28th January 2005 in Istanbul
Seeding (All seedings are made based on the last official competitions played by each participating team)

Seed 1 Russia Czech Republic
Seed 2 Spain Greece
Seed 3 Germany Lithuania
Seed 4 Serbia & Montenegro Latvia
Seed 5 France Romania
Seed 6 Turkey Qualifier

As of 2007, the European Championship for Women will be played with 16 teams. This means that European Championships for all senior and youth categories will be held with 16 teams.

Referee and Commissioner Clinics

A total of 5 clinics for referees and commissioners will take place in 2005

Clinic Date Venue
Euroleague Commissioner Refresher Clinic 13-16 May 2005 Hamburg, Germany
Referee Candidates 26-30 May 2005 Istanbul, Turkey
Referee Candidates 2-6 June 2005 Riga, Latvia
Potential Referees and Instructors 10-14 June and 16-20 June 2005 Gran Canaria, Spain
Euroleague Referees Refresher Clinic 22-26 June and 25-29 June 2005 Gran Canaria, Spain
Top Referees 18-21 August 2005 Chalkida, Greece

2007 European Championships for Men and Women

The vote to determine the venues for the 2007 European Championships for Men and Women will be taken tomorrow, 28th November.

The national federations of Lithuania, Spain and Poland are bidding for the European Championship for Men.

The national federation of Italy is bidding for the 2007 European Championship for Women.

Each of the bid candidates will make a 45-minute presentation, after which the Board of FIBA Europe will vote to assign the candidates.

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