Rob Meurs (†)

passed away on April 10 2010

1991-2010: Court Vision - Players Scouting Service

1989 - 2008: NBA Players Scout (New Jersey Nets, San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors)

2003-2010: Adidas Global Marketing

Consultant and scout for all basketball youth and professional selecting of players for the Adidas Nations Project

Coached several teams in Europe and abroad

1980-90: Military School for Physical Education

Head of the Development Section of Curriculum's and courses. Developing a system of didactical coaching for young physical trainers and the introduction of this in the Army

1985-1994: Teacher and examiner for the Dutch Basketball Federation


Aysim Altay (Human Behavioral Consultant & Trainer)
Dr. Sasa Jakovljevic
Prof. Nenad Trunic
Dr. Johannes Scherr (Nutrition & Anti-Doping Expert)
Brian Biagioli (S&C Expert)
Dr. Duncan French (Strength & conditioning expert)

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