A New Look For Women's Basketball

11 December 2008

Fashion conscious fans of women's basketball in Europe may have noticed a new look for their favorite teams of late.

Numerous national federations have been playing in a new uniform, designed by Tuta in cooperation with FIBA Europe.

The project is part of an effort by FIBA Europe to give the game of Women's basketball in Europe its own identity.

The uniforms are designed with comfort in mind but are also meant to given European teams a unique look which will be recognized around the world. 

"The play of European women's teams speaks for itself but these uniforms help to give our teams an identity that sets them apart."  Commented FIBA Europe Secretary General Nar Zanolin.

The project is part of the larger undertaking growing from the Year of Women's Basketball, which officially ended a year ago October. 

It also includes an initiative aimed at increasing the visibility of women's basketball players in the community through social activities. 

Tuta continues to refine the new uniforms and will work with FIBA Europe to unveil an improved design at the EuroLeague Women All-Star Game, 8th March in Paris.

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