Women’s Basketball Congress To Provide Exchange

04 July 2006

Delegates from 26 countries will be traveling to Sopron, Hungary to participate in FIBA Europe’s Women’s Basketball Congress on July 14th.

The Congress, which will coincide with the Ostchem U20 European Championship Women, will focus on high level female basketball at the club level and promotion of the Year of Women’s Basketball, among other topics.

The faces of YOWB in Georgia - Lia Chekurishvili (#5), 33 and Miranda Mgaloblishvili (#14), 20
Georgia is one of many countries to introduce the Year of Women's Basketball at a domestic level.
“The Congress is designed to be a setting in which stakeholders across Europe can exchange ideas and experiences in order that we can ultimately increase the level and image of women’s basketball,” said Year of Women’s Basketball project manager Esther Wender.

“I am very pleased that 26 national federations will participate in the Congress. It shows the interest, enthusiasm and motivation by the federations to help increase the image of women’s basketball in Europe.”

Highlights of the Congress will include a presentation by French Women’s League President Jean Pierre Siutat concerning the results of the questionnaire recently sent out to all national federations and an open discussion about how to most effectively use the Year of Women’s Basketball initiative to help lift women’s basketball in Europe to the next level.

The Year of Women’s Basketball was officially launched in Pecs, Hungary during the first-ever EuroLeague Women All-Star game earlier this year.

Since then, a number of countries have held their own launches of the Year of Women’s Basketball at a domestic level, which has included the naming of ambassadors, unveiling and use of the project logo and press conferences.

“Overall I am pleased with the first four months since we have launched the Year of Women’s Basketball,” said Wender.

“We’ve been able to generate a significant amount of interest in the project and its goals.

“We still have a great amount of work to do and I believe that the Congress is one way in which we can continue making positive progress.”

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