Speaking Out On The Transition From Player To Administrator

08 August 2006

A professional player's career doesn't last forever and the transition to retirement can be difficult for some.

Four individuals that have made the successful switch from player to administrator share their experiences on preparing for life after basketball. 

Betty Cebrian (Spain)

Elisabeth Cebrian

Elisabeth Cebrian (ESP)

Playing career: 1988-2004

Currently: Spanish Basketball Federation Technical Member, President of the Women’s Basketball Players Association

Fortunately when I stopped playing, I had several people phone me for job possibilities. I didn’t have to worry about not having something to do. From a physical point of view, it was difficult. I was used to playing and practicing all the time, and then when my playing career came to an end, I got out of shape and that’s not good for healthy living. Now in order to stay in shape, I have to go to the gym instead of playing on the court. It was also a transition to go from traveling all of the time, to not traveling so often and staying home. But now, after one year, I am used to my new life and have other things to do.


Esther Wender

Esther Wender

Esther Wender (NED)

Playing career: 1985-1995

Currently: Year of Women's Basketball Project Manager, Dutch Basketball Federation Public Relations

While I was still playing professionally in Spain, I was hired to become the event manager of the NBA 3-on-3 event in Zaragoza. So my change into the more adminsitrative side happened naturally and gradually. I think the transition went very smoothly.


Yannick Souvre

Yannick Souvre (FIBA Europe 2006 General Assembly)

Yannick Souvre (FRA)

Playing Career (1984-2003)

Currently FIBA Europe Properties Managing Director

I really was preparing for retirement from the time I started playing basketball professionally. For me basketball was not a job – it was a passion. I was always thinking about what I would do once I stopped playing basketball. I was fortunate to have my parents close to me and they would always keep me grounded and remind me that this was just a stage in life. My last year (2003) I read a lot. I was fortunate that immediately after my playing career, I started a new job. My last day playing basketball was May 31, 2003 and I started a new job on June 1, 2003 as Bourges’ marketing director. Then my direction changed when this job with FIBA Europe Properties opened up. I have no regrets about ending my playing career.


Lea Hakala

Lea Hakala

Lea Hakala (FIN)

Playing Career (1975-2001)

Currently member of the FIBA Europe Women's Commission  

I was involved in different areas of basketball already during my playing career; I coached young players, worked for the club, worked in marketing, was a member of the board and a volunteer so I had quite clear idea of basketball from a business standpoint.




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