Speaking Out: Basketball Helps Develop Characteristics Of Leaders

29 June 2006

One of the goals of the Year of Women's Basketball is to see a greater amount of female administrators working in the sport.

In the upcoming weeks, former women's national team players currently working in basketball administration will share their views on a range of topics.

This week, our panel will talk about how playing basketball has shaped their individual characteristics and prepared them for a career in basketball. 

Betty Cebrian (Spain)

Elisabeth Cebrian

Elisabeth Cebrian (ESP)

Playing career: 1988-2004

Currently: Spanish Basketball Federation Technical Member, President of the Women’s Basketball Players Association

Basketball definitely influenced my personality. I have been able to learn and be educated in many sport values. My personality changed from playing basketball and I learned discipline. Basketball has also taught me how to manage with problems in life and how to work in teams and groups. This was very important for the next steps in my career after basketball. I learned a lot from basketball that I now use in my job.


Esther Wender

Esther Wender

Esther Wender (NED)

Playing career: 1985-1995

Currently: Year of Women's Basketball Project Manager, Dutch Basketball Federation Public Relations

Basketball has taught me teamwork. I believe that, on the court as well as off the court, most tasks can be accomplished through teamwork. Basketball also taught me to be tough at times and have self confidence in various situations.


Yannick Souvre

Yannick Souvre (FIBA Europe 2006 General Assembly)

Yannick Souvre (FRA)

Playing Career (1984-2003)

Currently FIBA Europe Properties Managing Director

I learned discipline, teamwork and how to make concessions, which all help me in my current position. When you are part of a team, you have to accept other people and live with them. What developed my character the most was being a captain and also a point guard. The point guard is the captain on the court and the captain is the point guard off the court. The point guard is the decision maker. There are times when as point guard I had to make decisions under pressure without being able to consult the coach. I had to lead my teammates as a point guard in the decisions we made. Off the court as the captain, I had to lead my team by being a representative to administrators, media and others. Basketball also gave me the opportunity to live in the United States and learn English which helps me in my job.


Lea Hakala

Lea Hakala

Lea Hakala (FIN)

Playing Career (1975-2001)

Currently member of the FIBA Europe Women's Commission  

Throughout my basketball career I've had great opportunities to meet people from different countries, live in different cultures and to learn several languages besides having wonderful sports experiences. It has certainly given a lot of self-confidence and determination in all areas of life as well as the interest to continue as an administrator.




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