Players Speak Out On Pre-game Preparations

08 June 2006

Players have different ways of preparing for games.

We asked stars Elisa Aguilar, Agnieszka Bibrzycka, Anete Jekabsone, Ilona Korstin and Amaya Valdemoro to share their pre-game routines as part of our latest Speaking Out installment.

 Elisa Aguilar (Spain)

Elisa Aguilar:

Ros Casares

Spanish National Team

I like to take a nap before going to the gym. I get to the gym around 1 hour and 30 minutes before the game. I like to shoot around before the coaches arrive. I also need to get my ankles taped. Sometimes I just relax in the locker room by reading a book or listening to music.



Agnieszka Bibrzycka (Poland) 

Agnieszka Bibrzycka:

Spartak Moscow

Polish National Team

I like to practice before the game, because if not I’m really lazy (tired) and my mind is not prepared for the game, so that’s what helps me a lot. I like to practice, shoot around for 20-25 minutes, stretch and then I can play in the evening. If we don’t have a team practice then I go by myself to the gym to shoot.


Anete Jekabsone (Latvia)



Anete Jekabsone:

Dynamo Moscow

Latvian National Team

I don't do anything special. I usually sleep for a while, maybe for an hour to one hour and a half. I like to take a walk before the game if the weather is nice and listen to music.






 Ilona Korstin (Russia)

Ilona Korstin:


Russian National Team

I try to focus mentally. I think about the team and about the player that I will go up against. I analyse the strengths and weaknesses of my opponent and I watch the opposing team’s systems and try my best to remember it.




 Amaya Valdemoro (Spain)

Amaya Valdemoro:


Spanish National Team

I like to get to the gym 1 hour and 30 minutes before the game starts. I generally don’t like to go and shoot around before the game. I like to just stay in the locker room and read and listen to music. I’ll then shoot around for maybe 5-10 minutes before warm-ups and then I stretch and try to concentrate on the game. This has become part of my routine so I am comfortable with it.



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