Year Of Women’s Basketball Reaping Early Benefits

12 May 2006

The Year of Women’s Basketball project has only been in effect for two months, but already it is has paid dividends in countries such as Ireland and Turkey.

The Year of Women’s Basketball, officially launched in March at the EuroLeague Women All-Star game, was created to increase the image of women’s basketball in all areas.

The launch came at an ideal time in Ireland.

The Irish government had recently stepped up funding for women’s sports in light of recent surveys which reflected a problem with obesity and the lack of female participation.

Due to the project, we had a strong case to merit funding.
Debbie Massey
Basketball Ireland CEO
The Year of Women’s Basketball project helped make it possible for Basketball Ireland to secure 120,000 Euros in funding for projects and initiatives.

“Due to the project, we had a strong case to merit funding,” Basketball Ireland Chief Executive Debbie Massey.

“The fact that we could demonstrate that there was a Year of Women’s Basketball definitely helped us in comparison with the other institutions seeking funding.”
Turkish Basketball Federation International Relations Manager Emir Turam has helped his organisation gain praise in Turkish sporting circles due to the Year of Women’s Basketball.

On two separate occasions, Turam presented the project to sport leaders and media across Turkey.

“The Turkish government wants to increase female participation in the country, so we took this to them,” Turam said.

“We have received great feedback. All other Turkish federations were encouraged to do the same. I want to thank FIBA Europe for their efforts.”

“The gap between men and women’s basketball is still too wide and we want to work together with all federations to minimize this gap,” said Year of Women’s Basketball Project Manager Esther Wender.

“Turkey and Ireland are two examples of countries that have already been taking advantage of the many positives that can come from the Year of Women’s Basketball.”

“There are other countries as well that are also conducting events to increase the image of women’s basketball and we applaud their efforts.”

“I hope that by the time the 18 months of the Year of Women’s Basketball concludes, all countries will be able to reap the project’s benefits.”


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