Speaking Out: Players Describe Healthy Diets

26 May 2006

In this week's "Speaking Out" section for the Year of Women's Basketball, some of Europe's best female players will inform us about the importance of a healthy diet.

Elisa Aguilar, Ros Casares (ESP): I try to stay away from sweets. I usually eat meat once a week and usually it is grilled. I eat pasta and salads and drinks lots of water. It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet when we travel, especially in the EuroLeague Women. We often times have to spend all day at the airport and on planes and so in this case, we eat whatever is given to us. These trips are usually once every two weeks, so it is not that big of a problem. Before a game, I always eat pasta. My lunch is usually around 1:00 to 1:30. I drink a coffee right before the game. Our games our late – usually at 8:30. Therefore, we don’t eat until 11:00 or so. But this is normal in Spain.

Agnieszka Bibrzycka (Poland)
Agnieszka Bibrzycka
Agnieszka Bibrzycka, Spartak Moscow (POL): I don’t have any problems with my weight and I’m happy about this. Before the game I try to eat healthy, which means something which is not going bother me during the game. So I eat some home food, not french fries for example, just some salad or chicken. In general I don’t watch what I eat. If players have problems with their weight then the club will try to put them on a diet, but I don’t have this problem.

Anete Jekabsone, Dynamo Moscow (LAT): My diet is not supervised by the team, but they do check my weight every month and they do try to help us with our diets. I love eating sweets, but I know it is not good for me so I eat much less now. I try to focus on eating more fish and vegetables. A typical meal I would have before a game would consist of chicken and pasta.

Ilona Korstin, BC Volgaburmash Samara (RUS): I try to eat healthy. Before games I eat pasta. It is difficult to follow my diet when I’m on the road. Sometimes my team travels the whole day and we eat badly in the plane and in the airport. My diet is not supervised by my club.

Amaya Valdemoro, BC Volgaburmash Samara (ESP): I have to stay away from sweets. It is very hard though when we travel. When we travel from Russia for a game, we are often times on the plane all day, so it is difficult. I generally eat lots of salad, pasta and potatoes. I don’t eat meats so much. I usually eat pasta and chicken before a game. I have to be careful about what I eat because it is easy for me to gain weight.



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