Olympic Champion Simeoni Praises Year Of Women’s Basketball

29 October 2006

She may not be a champion in basketball, but nevertheless former Olympic high-jump gold medalist Sara Simeoni of Italy sees the Year of Women´s Basketball as a beneficial initiative.

Over the weekend, Simeoni took part in the 2007 EuroBasket Women Draw at the University of Chieti, where she was able to learn more about the project.

“We have to support women,” said Simeoni, who claimed Olympic gold at the 1980 Moscow Games.

“It is an important initiative and I think they have a good plan.”

Esther Wender presented the Year of Women´s Basket at the EuroBasket Women 2007 Draw.
Esther Wender presented the Year of Women´s Basketball at the EuroBasket Women 2007 Draw.
Simeoni was particularly impressed with the Year of Women´s Basketball logo.

“It is very attractive logo and it definitely gets people´s attention,” she said.

“Female sports need to be more visible and it is important to keep promoting.”

Simeoni is an admirer of basketball and will be looking forward to EuroBasket Women 2007 next year in her native land.

“I teach here and was asked to be a part of this draw,” she said.

“I was happy to come here, even if basketball is not the sport I played. There are no barriers when it comes to sport.”

“Basketball is a beautiful game, but in particular I am an Italian basketball fan. The championship will be in Italy and Italy needs to be supported. I wish luck to all of the teams, but I am rooting for Italy.”

Simeoni was not the only person who learned about the Year of Women´s Basketball project over the weekend.

Members of the media, the EuroBasket Women 2007 Local Organising Committee and other officials took part in the Year of Women´s Basketball Coffee Hour this past Saturday morning.

FIBA Europe Project Esther Wender outlined the goals of the project, which was followed by an interactive exchange among those in attendance.



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