Panel Share Special Moments On And Off The Court

18 August 2006

Over the last few weeks, a panel of four former female players who are now currently working as administrators in basketball have shared their views on various issues related to women's participation in management.

This week, each woman will share her fondest memories both as a player and administrator.

Betty Cebrian (Spain)

Elisabeth Cebrian

Elisabeth Cebrian (ESP)

Playing career: 1988-2004

Currently: Spanish Basketball Federation Technical Member, President of the Women’s Basketball Players Association

Being a player in the 1992 Olympic Games was one of my top memories. I was very young, but was able to be a part of the Olympic experience and play in front of my family and friends in Spain. As an administrator, I have only been on the job for a little more than one year, so it is hard to say. But one of the highlights would be my involvement with the Year of Women’s Basketball. I got to go to Pecs for the EuroLeague Women All-Star game and it is great to be a part of something that I believe is important for women’s basketball.


Esther Wender

Esther Wender

Esther Wender (NED)

Playing career: 1985-1995

Currently: Year of Women's Basketball Project Manager, Dutch Basketball Federation Public Relations

As a player my best memory is the period of time in which I played professionally in Zaragoza, Spain. Practicing twice a day, learning Spanish and the Spanish culture and playing before an average of 5000 spectators is something I will never forget. As an administrator, I spent almost six very interesting and learning years with the (W)NBA. My recent appointment by FIBA Europe to become the Project Manager for the Year of Women's Basketball is surely the most interesting challenge I have had yet as an administrator.


Yannick Souvre

Yannick Souvre (FIBA Europe 2006 General Assembly)

Yannick Souvre (FRA)

Playing Career (1984-2003)

Currently FIBA Europe Properties Managing Director

I can’t choose just one memory. As a player I had three very special moments. The first was being an Olympian. It was incredible to be a part of the whole Olympic experience and ambiance. Secondly, was the European Championship that we won in 2001. It was even more special because we won in front of my family and friends in France. We worked for four years to win that title. It was amazing. And then finally I have to mention the three club titles I was a part of with Bourges. All three had a different taste. For our first title (1997) we won without our coach, Vadim Kapranov. His daughter had died just before the Final Four in Greece and he couldn’t be with the team. It was a very emotional victory. Our second title in 1998 was in front of our own fans in Bourges, so that was special. It was also our second consecutive title in a row. And our last title was special because we weren’t even supposed to be playing in the finals. There were other teams stronger, but we had the most heart. As an administrator, I would say my best memory was being a part of EuroBasket 2005 in Serbia and Montenegro. It is the biggest event we have and it was great to be a part of the organisation and one of the workers there. There was so much excitement with all the passionate fans. It was interesting to work for something and then see how big it really is.


Lea Hakala

Lea Hakala

Lea Hakala (FIN)

Playing Career (1975-2001)

Currently member of the FIBA Europe Women's Commission  

As a player, every season abroad or in my home country has its special memories. I specifically remember well being selected to the All-European Team in the European Championships in Italy 1981 and playing against the Soviet Union team. As an administrator the best memory is hopefully still to come.




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