Speaking Out: Women's Players Outline Off-season Schedules

01 June 2006

The summer is upon us, so one might think that means rest and relaxation for professional players.

While there is some time for vacation, many players spend their summers preparing for international competition and working on specific aspects of their games.

Elisa Aguilar, Agnieszka Bibrzycka, Anete Jekabsone, Ilona Korstin and Amaya Valdemoro tell us how they prepare for the upcoming season in our Speaking Out section.

 Elisa Aguilar (Ros Casares Valencia)

Elisa Aguilar

Ros Casares

Spanish National Team

I usually take two weeks vacation right after the season with the club. This is important for me to just take a break. When I come back, I begin preparations for the national team. This is when I begin my intense workouts, which are usually three hours or longer. My coach from the national team sends a recommended schedule and then I implement it with the help of a coach from the club. It includes everything from running, lifting weights and individual training for specific aspects of my game. This goes on every day during the summer.



Agnieszka Bibrzycka (Poland) 

Agnieszka Bibrzycka:

Spartak Moscow

Polish National Team

I play almost the whole year, so I really never have a break. When the Polish League is finished I play for national team or WNBA, so I don’t have an off-season. I am in shape all year round!





Ilona Korstin (Russia)

Ilona Korstin:


Russian National Team

First of all, I have some vacation so I can rest both mentally and physically. Then I start to work-out, following a special program provided by the club. In the off-season, I work-out two times a week.






Anete Jekabsone (Latvia)


Anete Jekabsone:

Dynamo Moscow

Latvian National Team

In the off-season, I focus a lot on my shot and preparing for international competition with the national team. I work-out four times a week in the summer. It is very intensive – I have my own trainer from the club who works with me.




 Amaya Valdemoro (Spain)

Amaya Valdemoro:


Spanish National Team

First, I take two weeks of vacation to let my body recover from the season. Then I start intense work-outs every day, which usually lasts over three hours. I work-out in Madrid with the track and field team. This was originally suggested by the Spanish national basketball team and it has help me a lot.  I pay lots of attention to my feet and ankles. I also focus a lot in the off-season on improving my shooting.


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