Speaking Out: Women's Players Detail Work-out Regimes

18 May 2006

In our "Speaking Out" section for the Year of Women's Basketball, some of Europe's best female players will give us an inside look at issues and topics surrounding the game.

This week, players detail their work-out regimes.

It makes me stronger and more physical.
Elisa Aguilar
Elisa Aguilar, Ros Casares (ESP): My work-out schedule depends on where we are in the season. In the beginning of the season, I usually work-out 2-3 times a week. Towards the end of the season, I only work-out once a week. I think it is very important. It makes me stronger and more physical.

Agnieszka Bibrzycka, Lotos Gdynia (POL): I try to lift weights 2-3 times per week. We don’t use the bike in Poland. I first did this kind of cardio when I was in the United States. I run a lot, that’s my cardio. I’m an experienced player and I know what I need. I have to watch my knees because sometimes I have problems, so I do weights for my chest and abs, that’s it. When I am in the US we practice more, especially in the weight room. Basketball over there is very physical so you need more time in the weight room, which is hard.

Amaya Valdemoro (Spain)
Spain's Amaya Valdemoro uses her strength to get down low against Turkey in EuroBasket Women 2005
Anete Jekabsone, Bourges Basket (LAT): During the year, we don’t work-out so often. Maybe one or two times a week of light lifting. In the summer, I work-out four times a week. It is very intensive – I have my own trainer from the club who works with me. At first I didn’t like to work-out because I thought it affected my shot. But now I see it is good and that it helps.

Ilona Korstin, Samara (RUS): During the season I try to lift weights and to do cardio three times a week.  But sometimes I can’t  follow my work-out programme because we have away games and we don’t have the possibility to use a fitness centre.  In the off-season, I work-out two times a week. I think that it is important to stay in shape. For me it is not difficult, because I can’t live without sport.

Amaya Valdemoro, Samara (ESP): It has been difficult to get into a work-out routine because I am playing in Russia and we travel a lot and also because I have had injuries throughout the season. I usually work out all year and focus on a more intensive training in the summer. But this year has been different because of my shoulder problems.



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