Draw Taking Place In Lodz

10 December 2010
EuroBasket Women

The European women's basketball world is gathered in Lodz, Poland this weekend for the EuroBasket Women 2011 draw, to take place on Saturday, December 11th.

Fifteen teams have already qualified for Europe's top basketball tournament while a sixteenth participating nation will be decided through the Additional Qualifying Tournaments (AQT), next spring.

EuroBasket Women 2011 will be organised from 18 June to 3 July, in the Polish cities of Katowice and Bydgoszcz for the First and Second Round and Lodz for the Final Round.

All three venues were hosts cities in EuroBasket 2009. Bydgoszcz and Lodz hosted the Qualifying Round and Katowice was the stage for the Final Round.

The format of the competition remains the same as it was for EuroBasket Women 2009, with 16 teams divided in four groups of four for the First Round.

The seeding for the draw is determined by the team's results in the latest official FIBA Europe competition. Teams from the same group of seeds cannot be drawn against each other.

Seeds I: France, Russia, Spain, Belarus
Seeds II: Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey
Seeds III: Lithuania, Montenegro, Latvia, Israel
Seeds IV: Great Britain, Croatia, Slovak Republik, Qualifier

EuroBasket Women 2011 Additional Qualifying Round
Hungary and Italy will organise the two Additional Qualifying Tournaments of EuroBasket Women 2011.

Hungary will host Group A (Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands and Ukraine) in Sopron while Italy will organise Group B (Serbia, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Romania) in Taranto.

Both round-robin groups will be staged June 3-8 next year. The winners of the two groups will then play each other in home and away games, on June 12 and 15, with the winner securing the last EuroBasket Women 2011 spot.



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