FIBA Asia Meets FIBA Europe

19 February 2013

FIBA Europe Secretary General Kamil Novak with the FIBA Asia Secretary General Hagop Khajirian
FIBA Europe Secretary General Kamil Novak with FIBA Asia Secretary General Hagop Khajirian

FIBA Asia Secretary General Hagop Khajirian had a constructive visit to the office of FIBA Europe in Munich on Tuesday where he met with his European counterpart Secretary General Kamil Novak.

With both Secretary Generals still in the formative stages of their respective new positions, the discussions remained for the most part informal as they shared their own backgrounds in the sport of basketball, where both have lifelong connections.

Mr Khajirian, who initiated the meeting, was particularly interested in learning more about FIBA Europe's programmes.

"We discussed general matters and how we can co-operate," said Mr Khajirian, adding, "In particular we talked about how we [FIBA Asia] can benefit from a relationship with FIBA Europe. We have been given the green light for further co-operation and for the assistance of FIBA Europe."

One particular programme in which co-operation has been found is the FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate (FECC), headed by Michael Schwarz. FIBA Asia are taking the opportunity over the next three summers to send two up-and-coming coaches from the Asian region to participate in the renowned program.

"Today we had a very positive exchange of views," agreed Mr Novak.

"We are now very much looking forward to co-operating with FIBA Asia, not just in terms of coaching, but also in a number of other areas."



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