Seminar For National Federations Time Well Spent For Mair

08 February 2010

There are few ties that bind as tightly as those created by working in the same profession. 

Feeling a connection with those who make their living in the same way you do is true for athletes, insurance salesmen, firefighter, and for that matter, those that work behind the scenes in basketball.

On 5th and 6th February FIBA Europe provided representatives from around Europe the opportunity to come together in Munich and share their experiences working in federations both large and small.

The 3rd FIBA Europe Seminar for National Federations ran in conjunction with the 6th Meeting of the Secretaries General, and is a welcome chance for many to reconnect with their colleagues and both teach and learn.

"I've got a background with a number of companies, and it's just really handy to be able to compare and contrast the different federations and see things from a different perspective." Said England Basketball Secretary General Keith Mair.

Mair says he learned something from every speaker that takes to the podium, as well as from his colleagues.

"For instance, this morning the German Federation made a presentation.  I learned that in Germany, the popularity of football means something entirely different then it does in England.  For them it means more money, for us it means less."

Mair and his colleagues all face unique challenges in promoting and growing basketball in their home country.

"The main problem we face is the very low profile of the sport in England.  Though statistics show that millions of people participate in basketball, it's still a mystery to a lot of potential players and fans."

Spending time with his fellow Secretaries Generals is time well spent in moving the sport forward in England.

"The good thing about it is that it gives you a chance to not just listen to lectures, but sit around a table with others and exchange ideas, and that's what I need."

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