DSS, Observer See Handball Action



The Observer Programme at work at the 2011 EHF W17 European Championship in Czech Republic
Screenshot of the Observer Programme at work at the 2011 EHF W17 European Championship in the Czech Republic

It is not everyday practice that a sport feels proud about the achievements of another but for FIBA Europe the latest European Handball Federation (EHF) developments in its educational programme can only serve as vindication.

Through its official website, EHF has announced the latest news in a programme aimed at educating its officials, including 5,000 video clips for referee education/training which have been made available by EHF for both specialists and referees.

This archive has been extended with referee video clips from the 2011 EHF Younger Age Category events (Women's 17 in the Czech Republic and Women' 19 in the Netherlands), for the first time scouted by means of the FIBA Europe Techno Centre's Observer system in connection with an online platform (referee website) during the tournaments.

And this is not all. EHF, in cooperation with the FIBA Europe Techno Centre, will start a new project at the upcoming EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia.

The Digital ScoreSheet, which is already standard practice in basketball, will be used in handball for the first time, thus opening a wide range of utilization options for all parties involved, EHF delegates, referees, coaches and media.

FIBA Europe and the European Handball Federation are both members of ETS -the Association of European Team Sports - which promotes the interests of team sports in Europe and fosters cooperation among its members.

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