Refresher Clinics In Freising Close

05 June 2012

Miguel Betancor honours retired referees at the Clinic in Freising.
Miguel Betancor and Richard Stokes honour retired referees at the Clinic in Freising.

The last Refresher Clinic in Freising for FIBA Referees and Commissioners closed on Sunday.

The last of the three clinics held in Germany also included 36 Commissioner Candidates, who are hoping to join the ranks of FIBA Commissioners in the future.

One new aspect that has been previewed in these clinics has been the introduction of teaching materials for Commissioners. Each year FIBA Europe, in co-operation with FIBA Americas, has produced an edition of teaching materials for referees.

The 2012 edition will also include video situations that reflect the problems encountered by the commissioners as well as the referees, something that Richard Stokes, Head of the FIBA Europe Referees Department, wants to improve further in the future.

"We had a lot of positive feedback from the Commissioners in these clinics and we already have some ideas on how to further improve the 2013 version.

"This is certainly the best edition so far, but we have had more people assisting the development of these materials due to the huge amount of play situations that we had to choose from," Stokes said.

"Over 2,000 clips have been reviewed to find the best materials for 2012, and our teams from Europe and Americas have done a great job".

FIBA Europe also took the opportunity to recognize the contribution from a number of FIBA referees who have retired this year as some of them were present as Commissioner Candidates.

FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor presented the retirement awards and added, "We should never forget the commitment that referees and commissioners make to be part of the FIBA Europe family.

"They sacrifice holidays and time with their families to be part of our competitions each year and to support and contribute to basketball and this is a small but important thank you in recognizing their efforts.

"We have other officials that have retired, and we will of course recognize them in the coming weeks and months, when we have the opportunity to do so," Betancor concluded.

The last group of referees and commissioners to refresh their FIBA licences will do so as part of the Potential Referee and National Instructor clinics which begin on 22 June in Gran Canaria.

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