Refresher Clinic Under Way In Munich

04 May 2012


The first of the 2012 Refresher Clinics for FIBA Referees and Commissioners in Europe began Friday, in Freising, Germany.

More than 120 referees and commissioners are participating in the clinic that will see them qualify as active officials for the next four years.

Miguel Betancor speaking at the Referee and Commissioner Refresher Clinic
Miguel Betancor speaking at the Referee and Commissioner Refresher Clinic

FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor opened the clinic and the programme on the first day included game officiating presentations from Richard Stokes and Alan Richardson.

The FIBA Europe staff were also joined on the first day by FIBA Sports Director Lubomir Kotleba.

On the eve of the clinic a workshop was also held for those commissioners who will be working in the youth competitions this summer.

Over the course of three days, the officials will need to complete the exams as required by FIBA to remain as an active official.

Coach and consultant Juan Ferrer who has previously worked with the potential referees and national instructors also attended making a presentation on Leadership and How to Lead.

The referees will undertake the official fitness tests on Saturday and will be joined on Sunday by Bamberg coach Chris Fleming who will give a coaches' perspective to the participants on the current trends in european basketball.

The clinic concludes on Sunday evening with two additional clinics for the remainder of the officials scheduled in the coming weeks.


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