European Officials Prominent At U17 WCs

14 February 2014
Aliaksandr Syrytsa (left) and Aare Halliko (right) will both officiate at the U17 World Championships this summer
Aliaksandr Syrytsa (left) will officiate at the U17 World Championship for Women and Aare Halliko (right) will  officiate at the U17 World Championship for Men

This summer in the United Arab Emirates and the Slovak Republic, Europe will have a strong representation of referees at the FIBA U17 Championship for Men (UAE) and FIBA U17 Championship for Women (Slovak Republic).

In a reflection of the strong stock and depth of top-level basketball referees currently officiating in Europe, 10 out of the 24 nominated referees for the Men's Championship come from Europe, whilst for the Women's Championship the number is 11.

This is the highest representation of referees from any of the five FIBA zones.

"It is good to see that some of our more promising officials have been recognised in their nomination to the U17 competitions this summer," said FIBA Europe Head of Competitions and Refereeing Richard Stokes, continuing, "We have been working constantly with our younger officials in recent years and it is also a reward for the Referee Coaches that have supported and mentored this group and I am hopeful that we will see some of these officials on a higher level in the future in both the club and national team competitions.

There is also clear proof that refereeing is more than just a male domain, with three of the 11 European nominated referees going to the Slovak Republic females: Susana Gomez Lopez of Spain, Gizella Viola Gyorgyi of Norway and Kate Webb of England.

European presence will also be strong on the scorers' table. Three of the four commissioners in the Slovak Republic come from Europe (Serge de Coster of Belgium, Svetlana Dragusin of Romania and Alison Muir of England) and in the United Arab Emirates, two (Romualdas Brazauskas of Lithuania and Goran Radonjic of France).

Shmuel Bachar of Israel will act as one of the two referee supervisors in the Slovak Republic, and in the United Arab Emirates, Petr Sudek of the Slovak Republic will play the same role.


European Referees at FIBA U17 World Championship for Men:

Carlos Cortes (Spain); Aare Halliko (Estonia); Sinisa Herceg (Croatia); Damir Javor (Slovenia); Ersan Kartal (Turkey); Saverio Lanzarini (Italy); Jurgis Laurinavicius (Lithuania); Petri Mantyla (Finland); Ilya Putenko (Russia); Tomasz Trawicki (Poland)

European Referees at FIBA U17 World Championship for Women:

Gentian Cici (Albania); Susana Gomez Lopez (Spain); Gizella Viola Gyorgyi (Norway); Miloslav Kaludjerovic (Montenegro); Markos Michaelides (Switzerland); Petros Papapetrou (Greece); David Romano (Israel); Borys Shulga (Ukraine); Aliaksandr Syrytsa (Belarus); Kate Webb (England); Zdenko Zubak (Slovak Republic)



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