Referees Attend Stockholm Clinic

03 June 2013
Scandinavian referees at a recent clinic in Sweden
Scandinavian referees at a recent clinic in Sweden

Referees from throughout Scandinavia were provided with an opportunity to sharpen their skills at the recent Nordic championship in Stockholm, Sweden.

Four referees each from Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden were accompanied by an instructor from each of these countries at the clinic.

Four of the 24 referees have international officiating experience.

The main subjects covered in the clinic were game management, foul and violation criteria and positioning on the court.

Participants were encouraged to be actively involved in the lectures.

There was also a practical element to the clinic with the referees adjudicating the U16 and U18 men's and women's games of the Nordic Championship. All referees were rated and given pointers for improvement.

"It was a very positive experience, where I could appreciate directly the good performance of officiating in Europe. At all times I was taken care of by Ulf Ohrman and Lasse Klaar whom I thank [for] their treatment," said one participant Victor Mas Rafols.

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