Changing Of The Guard At Gran Canaria Event

10 June 2010
The first group of Instructors and Potential Referees have just headed home after an intensive three days in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

Under the watchful eye of FIBA Europe Referee Co-ordinator Miguel Betancor and his team, which this year includes NBA Referee Operations Director of Development Ronnie Nunn and former NBA referee Tommy Nunez, all the participants of the Clinic For National Instructors and Potential Referees have attended lectures and meetings designed to raise the level of officiating and teaching in Europe.

Miguel Betancor addresses the participants at the Gran Canaria Clinic

"Each day has seen new topics and a rising of the bar for what is expected from our officiating people in Europe," commented Richard Stokes from the FIBA Europe Referee Department.

"The great thing is that a lot of what is being taught is transferable to referees at all levels, so the instructors can go back and use what they have learnt with all of their referees. We have covered many aspects, a few of which are targeted at the referees attending here, but most of the subjects covered apply to referees at any level.

"In addition, the referees have been assessed on the court, and the instructors giving feedback have also been assessed in what they do. We have been able to coach the referees, and the referee coaches."

The main subjects covered during the three days of the clinic are:

Day 1

  • Mechanics - Freedom of movement, positioning, play anticipation, signalling.
  • Physical Conditioning - Fitness, preparation, staying hydrated, warm-up and cool-down, stretching, tournament training.
  • Feedback - by DVD, by web, mid-season, reducing errors, targets, development outlines.

Day 2

  • Standards of Good Officiating - Play Calling, court presence, personal qualities, off-court duties, fitness.
  • People Management - Communication, verbal and non-verbal, confrontations, distractions, coaches and players.
  • Conflicts - Managing to resolve, response techniques, technical fouls, does the action fit?, being effective.

Day 3

  • Video platform - Analysis, feedback, scouting games, preparing to officiate.
  • Coaches View - Characteristics, feeling for the game, knowledge of the rules, conflicts, current tactics.
  • Referee Coaching Programme - Tuition, role of coaches, individual requirements, commitment, interaction.
  • Digital Rule Book - New format, 3D imaging, technical improvements, test site.

The second clinic gets underway on Thursday, June 10 for three days, with another 25 Referees and 25 Instructors in attendance.

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