FIBA Europe At Scotland Referee Seminar

21 February 2012

basketballscotland 2012 Mid Season Seminar
Team photo of the 2012 Mid-Season Seminar participants

Referee Instructor Johnny Jacobs was the guest speaker at the 2012 Mid-Season Seminar organised by basketballscotland's Officials Commission.

This was the Belgian instructor's second visit to Scotland to help train local referees and was made possible thanks to the support of the FIBA Europe Referee Department.

The seminar was held at the Loch Leven Campus in Kinross on Sunday 29 January.

All registered Scottish league coaches were invited to the seminar, in an effort to further improve relations between referees and coaches and provide an educational aspect for coaches regarding the rules of basketball and refereeing.

In total, 48 people attended the seminar (33 referees, five assessors and 10 coaches), which featured "on floor" sessions on 2PO mechanics, contact situations and criteria and comprised a DVD session with clips taken from Scottish National League games.

There was also a discussion group on referee-coach relations which provided some healthy debate and tips for both referees and coaches to improve their communication and dealings to work better with each other.

basketballscotland 2012 Mid Season Seminar - Chris Dodds (L), Johnny Jacobs
Chris Dodds of basketballscotland (left) with Belgian referee instructor Johnny Jacobs

The Officials Commission were satisfied that the majority of the referees who took the mid-season rules test achieved the pass mark of 80% or more.

Even those who did not attain the pass mark, managed to score a very encouraging 65% or more.

After the test, it was time for a presentation on the new 24 Second reset to 14 second rule, which will be implemented in Scotland for the 2012 Play Offs and for the full season 2012-13.

The day drew to a close with a plenary session for referees' questions and answers, and presentations to Graham Shaw who has become Scotland's 21st FIBA Referee and Johnny Jacobs.

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