Betancor Shares Experiences With Handball Federation

02 July 2010

Officials from the FIBA Europe Referee Department are in Vienna, Austria this week to share some of their expertise with their colleagues from the world of handball.

The European Handball Federation is holding their 2010 Referee Education Workshop and FIBA Europe Referee Co-ordinator Miguel Betancor is one of the featured speakers. 

It's part of a continued effort at cooperation and the sharing of knowledge between FIBA Europe and other sports federations.

"The rules are obviously different between handball and basketball but the referees need similar skills," says Betancor, who visited with before addressing the workshop.

"Both are highly emotional sports and the way you manage the game is similar.  You have big players on a small court and you have body contact in both games.  It is important how the referees handle this."

Betancor's main focus at the workshop will be to share his experience educating referees across Europe and developing potential referees for the future.

"We will have a chance to exchange ideas which is always important.  I am here to teach, but also to learn."

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