FIBA Europe Meets With The PGMOL

19 March 2012

The FIBA Europe Referee Department met with representatives from the PGMOL.

The FIBA Europe Referee Department met with representatives from the Professional Game Match Officials Ltd (PGMOL) in Birmingham, England.

The PGMOL is the Referee Department of the English Premier League Football.

FIBA Europe was represented by Alan Richardson, Consultant of the Referee Department. He was joined by Keren Barratt, Group Manager of the PGMOL, and Ray Olivier, Training and Development Manager of the POGML.

They spent several hours explaining the roles of individuals and departments within their respective sports.

Topics covered were methods of selection and systems of evaluation and observation, the use of technology in officiating, fitness and nutrition, academic qualifications, clinic programmes and frequency.

"It was a very beneficial meeting and it is interesting to hear what other sports are doing in referee training," Barrat stated.

The debate also centred around issues which affect both sports such as consistency in play calling as well as unsportsmanlike behaviour such as faking and flopping in basketball and play acting in football.

"There are many topics which are common to both sports and it was clear that we are working in similar ways to raise the level and consistency of referee training and development," Olivier concluded.

Both sides will meet again during the pre-season period where FIBA Europe will be invited to a PGMOL referee training session over three days and the PGMOL representatives will be invited to a FIBA Europe Referees Event.

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