Referee Clinics 2004

03 June 2004

FIBA Europe Referee's Coordinator Miguel Betancor
Since 29th May, almost 75 referees have flocked to Maspalomas in Gran Canaria, Spain, for the annual FIBA Europe Referee Clinics. The clinics, which are being held in collaboration with the University of Las Palmas, contain many new twists in the education of European referees.

For the second clinic alone, which began 3rd June, referees from 32 countries are in attendance, as well as five international instructors and two commissioners.

Nick Marzoli, IT Director and Technical Commission contact in the FIBA Europe Offices, said that the atmosphere of the clinics has been fantastic.

“The referees are seeing something new in comparison with what they’ve seen in the past,” he said. “They can see that we are improving.”

These improvements include the new Referee Department Web site.

Toshiba has provided a lap top computer for each attendee to be used for the training the referees how to use the new Web site, which will provide various services for the referees.

One of these services being practiced is access to videos of the games the referees have just officiated. The referees are spending time in groups analysing the footage and discussing the quality of the officiating. Marzoli said that such clips will be available after every week of games this season, so the referees can analyse their and others’ performances.

FIBA Europe Executive Director Nar Zanolin during his opening speach
In addition, the referees also receive quick feedback for various officiating issues. Executive Director of FIBA Europe Nar Zanolin said this feedback will ultimately improve the quality of refereeing in Europe as referees learn to recognise their strengths and weaknesses.

“Once again, we are striving to use the newest technology,” Zanolin said. “The referees were able to see the games in which they refereed and were able to see instantaneously what they did right or wrong. Consequently, they were able to correct their technique.”

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