Betancor Shares Knowledge In Japan Clinic

26 January 2012


FIBA Europe continues to strengthen its ties with the world of basketball outside Europe, by sharing with them knowledge and important know-how that can fuel the development of basketball in their area. 

Miguel Betancor at the Japan Basketball Association Clinic, January 2012
Miguel Betancor at the Japan Basketball Association Clinic, January 2012

To that purpose FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor, accompanied by Antonio Ojeda, recently visited Japan as guest speaker to a Referees and Instructors Clinic organized by the Referee and Rules Committee of the Japan Basketball Association.

During the Clinic Betancor introduced the FIBA Europe teaching material and the video analysis tool to his Japanese hosts.

"We were very honored and pleased to have the representatives of FIBA Europe here, as we have been requesting their presence for several years," Nobuo Hashimoto, Director of the Referees and Rules Committee of the Japanese Basketball Association, said in a statement to

"The presentations by Mr. Betancor and Mr. Ojeda, were very interesting. For example the video analysis is useful for referee instructors because they are able to share every situation on the monitor, so it is very easy and clear to understand what the issue is."

Hashimoto pointed out that trying to improve on the human factor, especially when it comes to the sensitive area of officiating, is paramount for his Federation.

"Mr Betancor instructed our referees. We, in Japan understand our nature and our principles and Mr Betancor's instructions fit those. We must seriously think about educating our Instructors to assist in further development of our referees and the level of officiating.

"We would like to keep in touch with FIBA Europe because we are like their approach on how to work with the referees and instructors. We strongly believe that it can help us develop our officials, and ultimately lead to the development of Basketball in Japan."


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