Betancor At Semaine Des As In France

22 February 2012

Miguel Betancor, Roanne, France referees, Semaine des As
FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor receives a France jersey with his name to commemorate his presence at the Semaine des As (Photo: FFBB/T.Hombert)

FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor was a guest of honour of the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) at the Semaine des As in Roanne at the weekend.

France is a country that Betancor had visited numerous times during his long career as an international referee at the top level.

The FIBA Europe Head of Operations is familiar with traditional basketball cities like Pau, Lyon, Limoges and Bourges, but Roanne hosting the glamorous French Cup Final Eight provided the FFBB with the perfect opportunity to invite him to this emerging basketball destination.

Betancor was asked to assist the FFBB experts at the mid-season referee clinic, which took place in Roanne as one of the parallel activities of the tenth edition of the Semaine des As.

A total of 42 referees participated in the clinic which, quite surprisingly, had an international flavour for the first time.

"It's been so many years since a foreigner specialist of officiating came to France to talk with our group of referees," said FFBB President Jean Pierre Siutat.

Miguel Betancor, Roanne, France referees, Semaine des As
Betancor's lecture at the Roanne clinic focused on the 3-Men Officiating System and the philosophy of officiating (Photo: FFBB/T.Hombert)

"Many thanks to our friend Miguel for bringing so many new ideas and showing the line of future progress in the best way for French referees.

"We have a large list of young referees and we prepare different educational programs to make the French league officiating even better than it is at this moment.

"We are very ambitious and we would like to continue with this level of education together with the authorities of officiating," the French Federation President concluded.

Miguel Betancor's main lecture focused on the principles of the 3-Men Officiating System, the philosophy of officiating but also touched on the human factor and the importance of collaboration during the game.

Special mention was made to FIBA Europe's method of work with the referees that resulted to such high level of officiating at last year's EuroBasket in Lithuania.



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