Portugal Introduced To UNIVERSITAS



Miguel Betancor - Portugal Referee Clinic
FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor (second from right) with his Portuguese hosts in Lisbon

A very promising first meeting to introduce UNIVERSITAS to officials in Portugal took place in the Iberian country's capital Lisbon last weekend.

FIBA Europe Head of Operations Miguel Betancor held talks with Mario Saldaña, President of the Portuguese Basketball Federation, FIBA Europe Board member Manuel Fernandes and Augusto Baganha, President of the Portuguese state Sport Institute.

The main topic of the discussions was project UNIVERSITAS.

Mr Betancor explained the aims of FIBA Europe's flagship educational project, and the four men discussed the possibilities for expanding and promoting basketball as a competition whilst encouraging education.

FIBA Europe 3on3 was also high on the meeting's agenda.

Mr. Baganha expressed the Portuguese government's deep interest in participating in the project and confirmed that the state will arrange all necessary more meetings in order to specify the activities and actions that need to follow.

Speaking on behalf of the Portuguese Federation, Mr. Saldaña commented that he considers UNIVERSITAS a very promising project and he foresees great development in European basketball.

Mr Saldaña also stated that he considered this meeting key in discovering more about and understanding better the vision that FIBA Europe has for the sport and expressed the Federation's intention to participate actively in the FIBA Europe 3on3.

Mr Fernandez, as a member of both the Board of FIBA Europe and the Portuguese Federation, stated that he believes that FIBA Europe has a great opportunity to extend and enhance knowledge of basketball in Europe.

Miguel Betancor - Portugal
FIBA Europe projects take centre stage at Miguel Betancor's meeting with Mario Saldaña, Augusto Baganha and Manuel Fernandes

He added that with educational projects like UNIVERSITAS, in which he is very keen to support in any possible way, European basketball will become a reference in educational activities and social integration.

Mr Betancor stated that he was very satisfied with the outcome of this meeting, as the input of everyone involved was very important.

The FIBA Europe Head of Operations thanked the Portuguese Basketball Federation for organizing the meeting and for its close involvement in FIBA Europe activities. He also thanked personally Mr. Baganha for the interest that the Portuguese government expressed in supporting the FIBA Europe projects.

"Basketball is more than a ball and we cannot forget about its educational part, the professors, students and others in the academic environment that love basketball and want to become part of FIBA Europe," Mr Betancor added.

"FIBA Europe Universitas is a big project which integrates education, research and promotion and will open new doors for the development of European basketball, a project in which many European universities are already very interested to participate," Mr Betancor concluded.



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