EuroBasket Women 2013web@fibaeurope.comit@fibaeurope.comFIBA Europe CMS Coach Handed Les Bleues Reins2013-08-28T08:19:12ZBourges Basket play-caller Valerie Garnier is to once again follow in the footsteps of Pierre Vincent after the French Basketball Federation revealed she has been promoted to head coach of the senior national team.{5DECD668-055C-4B77-A34E-E4B5764B49A2}small.jpg8060EUROLEAGUE WOMEN{D3DA6158-E179-4F54-B2D9-501206A85902}Ndour: From Senegal To Spanish Stardom2013-07-10T13:21:41ZWith unbeaten Spain trying to achieve an unprecedented three-peat at the U20 European Championship Women, one player who will turn only 19 next month is at the fore of their efforts.{E9CD1D08-67F3-48F7-94A8-3FE68BACCDAF}small.jpg8060U20 WOMEN{06C44534-9FAC-49D9-93B7-54E0B9A6C003}The Full Story2013-07-22T12:38:15ZEuroBasket Women 2013 in France is in the books and you can watch a summary with the best moments and most important games.,0.articleMode_on.html{E79156DF-136A-4A10-AC3E-55E7E464FFCF}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{756E47C9-35EC-468D-944F-CDDC4D8DFCFC}Novak Impressed By France Event2013-07-04T11:09:45ZKamil Novak has returned pleased from France where he experienced his first EuroBasket Women as the FIBA Europe Secretary General.{229D2179-23D3-4DED-A050-8DE19CFC12F9}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{E1770F99-6839-44D6-BD81-1A5A0ED144FB}Spanish Ecstatic, French Disappointed2013-07-01T17:36:20ZBasketball fans waking up in Spain and France on Monday morning were greeted with contrasting images and reflections of what had happened in Orchies, France an evening earlier.{2E433504-7820-49C2-B7E7-0A2B11A1D5A6}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{C55024CF-184E-49C8-B7B3-754A29D0369E}Daily Wrap 30 June2013-07-01T05:00:52ZEuroBasket Women 2013 is in the books and the Daily Wrap looks back at an epic final.{E79156DF-136A-4A10-AC3E-55E7E464FFCF}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{4A4FB199-FBF6-495C-8E0F-0D56E15555F7}Top 5 Plays 30 June2013-07-01T00:37:35ZWatch the top 5 plays of the final day of EuroBasket Women 2013.{315AA87A-4C76-4F86-91E9-15DDFAF16B95}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{71B93DA0-A9AA-4685-B2AC-9BE0BD052C4D}Spain Grab Gold In Dramatic Blockbuster2013-07-01T00:21:13ZSpain were crowned EuroBasket Women 2013 champions for the first time in two decades after they edged out hosts France in a quite breath-taking and dramatic 70-69 blockbuster in Orchies.{6D9F8164-84C3-4A79-A926-6D99194DA92F}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{D26A0488-0343-46F9-9AB7-74A7BB9E19CF}Final Highlights Spain v France2013-07-01T00:19:12ZSpain win gold for the first time in 20 years in an instant classic against hosts France.,LBq1WwmHl6mOTKjYvTeY3.articleMode_on.html{DF84E54E-D6A2-41A0-BBA3-971D3850E81F}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{FD52F406-0EB0-46F1-B061-D52D8B97688B}Lyttle Takes MVP Crown To Go With Gold2013-06-30T23:09:24ZSpanish powerhouse Sancho Lyttle was hailed EuroBasket Women 2013 MVP after propelling her team to the top of the podium with a tremendous tournament double-double.{7BC56FE8-980B-4B47-8E1B-05AA916347A5}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{9ED1E3CD-E0A8-4910-9C8F-CC424868C893}Terrific Trio Take Turkey To Bronze 2013-06-30T21:04:50ZA trio of scintillating performances by the big-hitters of Turkey led them past Serbia 92-71 to ensure they took the last spot on the podium with a bronze medal at EuroBasket Women 2013 in Orchies.{B0AA7341-A13D-422F-98B8-8F875C7169F4}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{61089BF5-CE8E-464E-A967-9B8F3409878B}Highlights Serbia v Turkey2013-06-30T21:03:24ZWatch highlights as Turkey defeat Serbia to secure a bronze medal at the EuroBasket Women 2013 in France.{8A392C7E-9B2A-4C0D-8F49-F90B680BA17A}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{BF4F67B6-C21B-4A71-BA7C-A77DE625709C}Five Final Predictions2013-06-30T12:17:52ZJust a few hours ahead of the big final, asked three coaches and two players about who will come out victorious in tonight's clash between Spain and France.{5C3E0308-6394-460A-B641-F6609ECE1044}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{90F9A9C4-D4AF-4217-BD72-976F3455C20A}Turkey And Serbia Seek Last Podium Spot2013-06-30T09:07:49ZWhilst Turkey may have had their eye on making the Final, they have to pick themselves up if they want to collect successive medals, as Serbia are looking to write history by inking a first ever podium finish.,iJqA5afim8lpHi3.articleMode_on.html{B0D7097F-F942-45C3-83A2-8600D8642FD0}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{CC239EBA-9FEC-4F42-8592-9B3022FCD1B3}Spain Out To Spoil Party For The Hosts2013-06-30T09:07:48ZAn entire nation awaits with baited breath as EuroBasket Women 2013 hosts and tournament favourites France, try to land gold against Spain, the only other unbeaten team in the competition.,TostFGIUQnzyGytWZSk2.articleMode_on.html{B92A6547-7035-4420-B098-A291391E67AC}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{B7F772DB-73D0-49E6-B1F7-C43CDE08DCBA}Daily Wrap 29 June2013-06-29T23:26:08ZThe penultimate daily wrap takes a close look on Sunday's final.{021C9CBC-14B1-4DD8-A26C-4AF2E5B7686E}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{0CF37288-C09A-49BE-91B2-6BFACECD0A96}Highlights Italy v Sweden2013-06-29T23:20:09ZSweden match their best EuroBasket Women finish by claiming 7th place with a win over Italy.{AE24008C-385B-4A6F-9893-2F4F8904639E}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{338BEDA0-87D2-4050-9059-C364873CDD9B}Joint Best Tournament Finish For Sweden2013-06-29T23:18:26ZBack at EuroBasket Women for the first time in 26 years, Sweden signed off with a convincing 77-60 success against Italy in Orchies, to take seventh place and match their best ever finish in the competition.,x5g1JCEp1x78-ENQo1.articleMode_on.html{45DECC94-232E-4774-B7FD-46B0309B8232}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{9622FFEC-5A81-4CC3-B307-B1C8F8E5DAC9}High Five Finish For Belarus2013-06-29T23:04:23ZBelarus strolled to fifth spot at EuroBasket Women 2013 in Orchies with a 64-50 win against Czech Republic, who had to settle for a sixth place finish.{F19016C9-8618-4B9C-A0CA-C4F8ACFA2981}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{FA3BF12F-D11B-4BDE-9F9D-8E175C1675D4}Highlights Czech Republic v Belarus2013-06-29T23:01:58ZBelarus claim 5th place with a solid win over Czech Republic.{F6E5CE06-CB54-4216-A729-622D2C5C629C}small.jpg8060EUROBASKET WOMEN 2013{F2245E16-FA35-4649-9480-D8D8232F8B6F}