Five Final Predictions

30 June 2013

Just a few hours ahead of the big final, asked three coaches and two players about who will come out victorious in tonight's clash between Spain and France.

9. Ilaria Zanoni (Italy)

"I think Spain have shown the better basketball until now and they are always aggressive. But at the same time, everybody knows the potential of France and they also play at home. It will be a tough game and I can't wait to watch it!" Italian small forward Ilaria Zanoni likes the unity of Spain but that is counter-balanced by home advantage.
"They have two different styles of playing. The Spanish team try to play really fast and France try to play five on five most of the time. If the French team tries to use inside basketball, I believe they will have a great advantage against the Spanish team." Turkish playmaker Birsel Vardarli seems to favour France and their strong presence inside. 
7. Birsel Vardarli (Turkey)
Belarus head coach Rimantas Grigas in a timeout
"These two teams are really tough and quite equal. From a coaching point of view, these two teams have performed some great basketball to show they are the best in Europe. They have both shown some small areas of weakness and it will be up to the coaches to exploit the weaknesses of their opponents and this will be the most important thing." Belarus head coach Rimantas Grigas can't choose a winner and pin-points the roles and strategies of the respective coaches as being the main key to winning the game.
It's going to be a fight between different systems of basketball and they both came here unbeaten so far. The Spanish team have never really had to worry about losing a game. I believe the French team have, such as against Sweden and so this could give them an advantage." Turkish head coach Ceyhun Yildizoglu seems to believe the experience of close games may benefit France. 
Turkey head coach Ceyhun Yildizoglu
"It's such a difficult question. We're sitting here in France and they are playing in the Final. It's hard to choose, but I think there can be a surprise" Czech Republic head coach Lubor Blazek after a long pause before subtly suggesting Spain could have the edge.




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