3x3 EuroTour. Next Stop - Copenhagen

23 August 2013


3x3EuroTour: Copenhagen
We are ready to get things started in Copenhagen
3x3 EuroTour will be wrapping up its regular season this weekend with a massive event in Copenhagen.

Top Danish 3x3 teams will be joined by those of Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Finland, Slovenia and Serbia in an attempt to claim the GAM3 title and qualify to 3x3EuroTour final in Budapest (best local team) and to the 3x3 World Tour Masters in Lausanne (overall winner).

The venue selected for the event is of very special significance for Danish 3x3 community. It's on Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads right next to Fælledparken park and the national stadium and the first ever outdoor basketball court in the country. It was built for the American soldiers on a leave during World War II and became the local street basketball Mecca.

As usual we'll offer the participants and the visitors a whole lot of side events including but not limited to the Dunk and shoot-out contests, beatbox and dance shows, Playstation game tent.

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