'Hot' In Catalunya

27 July 2012

Catalonia is a hot place in the summer. Tourists from all over the world pack its beaches on the Mediterranean Sea in the North of Spain.

3on3 Tour 2012, Catalonia, Spain
3on3 Tour 2012, Catalonia, Spain

The FIBA Europe 3on3 added to the buzz with a seven-day tour in three venues, organized in cooperation with the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) and the Basketball Federation of Catalonia.

On 18 and 19 July, in downtown Badalona, 51 teams took to the courts, including more than 250 children from local basketball camps.

Badalona's local outfit is Joventut, one of one of Europe's most traditional clubs which has brought up players like Rudy Fernandez or Ricky Rubio and their potential successors were only too eager to take their game to the streets.

In three youth and two adult categories, 51 teams competed to determine the winners.

Only two days later, a one-day tournament was played at the beaches of Calafell.

The many visitors were treated with a slam-dunk contest and senior competitions for men and women.

The last stop of the tour of Catalonia took place in an especially storied venue, on 23 and 24 July

The Olympic Port, opened in 1992 in time for the Olympic Games was surely an inspiring stage for the 84 teams that played a total of 183 games over two days.

On top of the FIBA Europe 3on3 staff and equipment, the FEB 3on3 Pro Tour was present to ensure the best possible conditions for all participants and spectators.

The popular dunk-crew Slam Nation around streetball legend Kadour Ziani performed a 30 minute show that impressed the spectators.

FIBA Europe 3on3 was proud to distribute more than 800 reversible jerseys and 300 t-shirts to the athletes and fans present at all three tour stops, making sure everybody will remember the seven days of 3on3 under the Mediterranean sun.



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