New Rules Tested In Romania

10 February 2014

New 3x3 rules were tested in Romania over the weekend
New 3x3 rules were tested in Romania over the weekend

FIBA's new 3x3 rules were tried out for the first time over the weekend in the city described by Sports Illustrated as the "Mecca of 3x3 basketball": Bucharest, Romania.

On hand to help test the new rules were a host of some of Romania's biggest 3x3 names, including 3x3 EuroTour stars Angel Santana, Catalin Bordei and Alin Spahiu.

The tournament, which was co-hosted by 3x3 EuroTour affiliate Sport Arena and the Romanian Basketball Federation (FRB), was included on the programme of the Street Heroes urban sports arena which saw over 4,000 people packed into a former airplane motor factory hangar.

The main new rule, introduced by FIBA, is in relation to personal fouls, which have now been eliminated. Once a team has committed seven fouls, the opponent gets two free throws. Should the fouls exceed 10, the opponents get two free throws and regain ball possession.

"The players and the referees assimilated the rules well. A few of the games ended in a free throw ‘contest', but most of the games were fast-paced, competitive and really fun to watch," said Radu Petre, manager of Sport Arena, the leading Romanian 3x3 basketball promoter.

Bucharest, who last year hosted the inaugural event on the 3x3 EuroTour, will this year host two World Tour Qualifiers. The traditional Sport Arena Streetball Quest reached its 10th consecutive season, while the Sport Arena Bucharest Challenger will enter its third edition.

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